In 2015, Clackmannan residents took the chance to play a key role in shaping the area’s future when the Coalfields Regeneration Trust launched it widely acclaimed Coalfields Community Futures programme for the area. The CRT’s Community Futures programme gives people the chance to engage with local planning processes and ensure that they are the ones making the decision, big or small, which affect their lives. The CRT also provides a £20,000 participatory budget to help get priority projects up and running.

The process started by connecting people as a local Steering Group to drive things forward that process got underway at the launch meeting. Once the Steering Group was up and running the next stages in the process include giving the wider community a platform to explore a vision for Clackmannan’s future, surveying local households, individuals and organisations, and supporting local groups to make things happen.

Following this, the survey findings, and proposals from local organisation were presented in a public meeting where residents were able to vote for their priority projects to be included in a 5-Year Community Action plan and decided which ones share the CRT’s £20,000 participatory budget.

Clackmannan Development Trust are now the lead organisation on delivering the community Action Plan and 2016 sought funding and were able to appoint a Community Development Officer to help assist with the delivery of the action plan. Now into our third year  and we are making great progress and building partnerships within the community – such as our, Heritage Walks, Community Garden and Mercat Fayre steering groups and the Business Community Forum.

Please take a look at our community action plan to see what we hope to achieve by 2020.