Clackmannan has a long and distinguished history.

Clackmannan is now a town under going regeneration thanks to support from The Coalfields Regeneration Trust and the Big Lottery Fund to support local Development Trust to revive the town by celebrating it's heritage, creating new economic opportunities, strengthening community partnership and improving town appearance and services.

With lots of things to see & do in the area, it makes a great location to stay and explore!

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Did you know?

The vantage point of King’s Seat Hill was probably fortified from prehistoric times, when there were feuding tribes in the area. By the 12th century the surrounding Clackmannan Forest attracted Royal hunting parties which led to the building of the Tower in the 13th century, and it still dominates the town.

Up to the 15th century the main occupations of the area were farming, fishing and the working of coal in shallow pits. Lades were constructed to bring water to drive drainage pumps, allowing deeper coal working. By the end of the 17th century coal mining was extensive in Clackmannan.

Other industries made use of the local resources: water power, coal, wool, and grain. Mills, distilleries and mining brought great wealth to the owners of these industries. They built grand mansions for themselves, and in the late 19th century gifted the Town Hall, Library & Reading Room and a water supply to the town.