Dog Poo Detectives

In autumn 2016, Clackmannan Development Trust were awarded £2,000 of funding from Coalfield Regeneration Trust to tackle dog fouling in our community.

The matter had been an ongoing issue in the town – despite numerous efforts to encourage local people to be responsible dog owners and was highlighted as the most disliked aspect of the Clackmannan in its 2015-2020 Community Action Plan. 

This new approach saw the creation of ‘The Dog Poo Detectives’ – a partnership between the development trust’s Community Development Officer and Clackmannan Primary School’s ‘We Count’ Committee. 

The detectives went on weekly walks in the community with their clipboard to record and monitor the how many dog poos had been left, on which streets and how close were they to a bin.

On the first walk around the school 48 dog poos were found! 8 of which were at the school gate! Shocked and disgusted the detectives sprayed the poo with semi-permanent bright yellow paint to highlight the volume and to make people aware where it is, so that they don’t step in it. 

With reports in the local newspaper, community newsletter and social media campaign to raise the awareness of the matter, the volume of dog poo left behind steadily decreased and by the end of the project in May 2017 only 8 were found in the community. This was a significant reduction from the 48 recorded when the detectives first started in January 2017.

In addition to this, the detectives also had the opportunity to work with a Graphic Designer, Monogram Creative, to create a logo, posters and banners with their own designs which were used to promote the message around the town. The detectives also got the opportunity to meet and chat to a Community Safety Warden from Clackmannanshire Council about the matter. 

To carry the message into the autumn/winter the group design torches with dog poo bags attached to hand out to dog walkers as a free gift to encourage them to continue to pick up after their dogs even in the dark, winter mornings/evenings.