The Clackmannan Business Community Forum was set up within the town in October 2016 by CDT Community Development Officer who identified that there was a need for Clackmannan Development Trust to work closer with all local stakeholders in Clackmannan. This included local businesses, to help support and tackle local issues identified in the community action plan (2015-2020).

The business forum provides the opportunity for local business owners/managers to come to together to discuss how to improve and attract new business to Clackmannan and work in partnership with local community events.

The forums are held bi-monthly and are decided by members via a doodle poll to encourage maximum participation  and flexibility. All business owners within Clackmannan, Kennet and Forestmill are welcome to attend.

For more information please email: or phone (01259) 219473

Due to Coronavirus the forums have since been put on hold until further notice.