Clackmannan Development Trust are committed to being here to support the people of Clackmannan for the years to come. To enable this to happen, the Trust are working to develop a social enterprise, so that we can generate our own income to become more sustainable and less grant dependent for the future.

In autumn 2018, the Trust were accepted to Community Enterprise’s accelerator programme – who carried out some initial consultation and market research into the possibility of developing a bunkhouse and activity centre in Clackmannan. In March 2019, the trust were awarded funding for Community Enterprise to carry out a full feasibility study and business plan.

Engagement Events: 3 x Public Meetings, 1 x Business Forum, 2x Stakeholder meeting, 1x Fun day and a month long community survey.

On 9th October 2019, a Public Meeting was held in the Church Hall to share the results with the community and partners as well as the trust’s plan to take the development forward.

For more information please contact: Lesley Shaw, Community Development Officer. Tel: (01259) 219473 or email:

The Executive Summary is now available to download.

Public Meeting – October 2019