Clackmannancommunity.org - a dedicated community website for our historic town and neighbouring villages; Kennet & Forestmill.

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If you live in or have a strong interest in Clackmannan, Forrestmill or Kennet you can become a member. It is FREE to join and means you can have a say on decisions made in your village as well as stay more up to date with what events and activities are happening.

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Clackmannan Events

Halloween Ghost Walk

Cycling Safely at Night


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Thanks to Our Funders

This website was created thanks to funding from Heritage Lottery’s Stories, Stone and Bones Fund – as part of Clackmannan Heritage Walk project 2017 The creation of this website is to help bring the community together by being a one-stop resource to promote and inform local people of key community information, services and events, to celebrate our heritage and share the pride of our community with visitors and old friends who may no longer live in the area but still share a common love for the town.